FX Gladiator FAC PCP Air Rifle, Original MK1 Version

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FX Gladiator FAC PCP Air Rifle, Original MK1 Version

Postby mr fudd on Sun Jul 02, 2017 1:47 am

FX Gladiator FAC PCP Air Rifle, Original MK1 Version

The rifle is in excellent condition as it's hardly been used and never been out hunting, it's been zeroed-in and other than a couple of outings to the range for some plinking it's been sat in my cabinet ever since, it's a lovely rifle and groups and shoots fantastic with the Barracuda Hunters supplied

The rifle comes fitted with a Hawke Nite-Eye 6-24x50 illuminated scope with front adjustable objective (parallax) and the SR12 reticle with 1" tube

The rifle comes supplied with the FX moderator, FX sling tube clamp, 2 x 8 shot magazines, Two opened tins of H & N Barracuda Hunter pellets, opened pack of felt cleaning wads, bottle of napier pellet lube and a 7ltr 450bar charging bottle with fittings and rubber boot, test date stamped on the bottle is 01/2011 so will need a test but is practically fully charged so wont need to be filled for a while

It also has a Gunpower bottle cover and butt stock fitted which gives a much better head position than the standard FX stock but still comes with the original FX stock

This is an FAC rifle running at 18ft/lb so face to face only

For sale at £750 also advertised elsewhere

Pictures available on request, the bipod is not included in the sale
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