FX Wilcat power adjust??

FX Wilcat power adjust??

Postby Regul8 on Sun Apr 01, 2018 8:13 pm


I know what everyone is thinking but relax I'm not looking to break any laws!!

I'm in the process of changing my .22 calibre Wildcat to .177 and have come across what should be simple problem to fix. Upon replacing barrel and pellet probe I've chrono'd the gun but can't get anymore than 10 FPE. Yes I've tried putting more tension on hammer spring but this makes power drop not rise? I've tried shimming the spring and also tried making hammer heavier both to no effect. Left me in a quandry and thought I'd ask here for advice before embarking on the adjust regulator or change valve spring tension road...

Dont get me wrong if this is how to sort it then no probs but am I overlooking something fundamently wrong like transfer port size or etc etc?

Any advice or info greatly appreciated and thanks in advance.
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