FX Cyclone regulator O-rings

FX Cyclone regulator O-rings

Postby pigmalion on Thu May 12, 2016 9:19 pm

Hello :D
Please, my cyclone is leaking through the little hole in the tube.
The problem are the o-rings of the regulator, I replaced them three times, but can not fix the problem, still leaks just a bubble, but that`s anoying.
I do not know the exact measure.
Is difficult to find the exact o-ring because the unit used are inches and there are little options usually here to find different measures in inches.
I think the measure should be around 0,103 " thick and around 20mm inner diameter but I do not really Know :x
Does anybody knows the measure?.
I think some body there should have had the same problem before.
Anyway may be difficult to find the proper o-ring here. I tryed with two options in mm:
-2,5 thick and 20mm inner diameter
-3mm thick and 17mm inner diameter.
I daub the o-rings with silicone grease but all in all the two options are not correct, because still leaks a bubble in both cases.
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Re: FX Cyclone regulator O-rings

Postby Solo1 on Thu May 12, 2016 10:22 pm

Hi, I replaced my ones with 20mm ID X 2.5mm C/S VITON 75 High Temperature O rings from Sealforce at this eBay reference number: 321943944499

One very important point to remember when replacing the regulator is to slide it back into the cylinder until you can just see the shiny front section through the small drilled pressure release hole in the cylinder. DON'T GO PAST THE FRONT O RING.

Use a small size Allen key or something similar to push lightly through the hole in the cylinder. When you feel the Allen key touch the metal then you can slide the regulator forward until the O ring just touches the Allen key. Then - VERY CAREFULLY - keep pushing the O ring down with short push strokes of the Allen key while you slide the regulator carefully forward.

The reason for this is to stop the O ring being nicked, or otherwise damaged, as it tries to expand into the sharp bottom edge of the drilled hole. A little damage (less than the diameter of a human hair) will cause a slow leak, so it really is important. Everything should be OK after that.

Best of luck
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Re: FX Cyclone regulator O-rings

Postby pigmalion on Fri May 13, 2016 11:41 pm

Hi Solo 1.
I would never never pay attention at this detail by my own.
So thank you very much for the input! .
I will do it that way .
:D Regards.
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