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Postby Scottish Biker on Sun Nov 15, 2015 10:25 am

Scottish Biker wrote:Order changed today. Not waiting on Impact.

...... ...... .......

FX Wildcat .177 ordered, with 3 extra mags that will slot into the mag holder I've just bought on eBay.

Can't wait......

Changed order again! After watching more reviews & the quoted/witnessed 720shots from 250bar fill!
I cancelled Wildcat order & I've decided on the Impact in 'Black'.

Price Unknown???
Solware have changed their approx £850 + VAT too.

What will this "Futuristic Rifle" cost?
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Re: FX Impact

Postby Tony22b on Sun Nov 15, 2015 3:06 pm

Cant see the impact being cheaper than the Wildcat, i would guess it will be in the region of 1300 - 1600 sterling depending on configuration, i have one on order from Europe they have had 3 in so far and they were just under 2k euro in .22

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Re: FX Impact

Postby philthefluter on Tue Jan 12, 2016 12:05 am

I am looking for a new fac pcp and it's a toss up between FX and Daystate. I have had a rapid which was a cracking gun, very accurate but to long and a bit heavy. I really fancy the new impact but having seen a few vids on YouTube highlighting the mis- alignment of barrel locking screw, the mis- match of the locking screw bottom end that does not match the notch in the barrel and the fact that the transfer port is brass. I hunt as well as range shoot and feel these problems will get worse with use. Also the drilled hole of the transfer port cuts into the o ring seal groove. Not the standard of finish I expect from what will no doubt be a £1000 + gun. Pity as I really like the rifle, I think it's a pity the gun is a take down, the barrel change idea just is'nt a great idea. Sako have it on there new rimmi and few people are bothering to get more than 1 barrel.
Any thoughts on this ??????
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