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Members location

Postby requoil on Tue Sep 08, 2009 9:15 am

Hi guys, can someone tell me why not everyone has their location listed please. I know there is no compulsion to do this, but I think it could be helpful knowing at least which country the person you are replying to is from, if not the nearest town. On some sites this is insisted on, I don't feel that it should, it is nice to have the choice but as I say, I think it would help.
I don't speak any other languages, and my English is not great at times, but if I know that the person I am dealing with has English as a second language then I can avoid slang and colloquialisms, or even state things in a simpler way.

I've visited a Polish website that had good strip-down instructions for other PCP's, but even with the web translator on it is sometimes difficult for me to understand the instructions. But that just might be me! :?
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Re: Members location

Postby ian johnstone on Tue Sep 08, 2009 7:38 pm

You have my & 'FXpoacher's full permission to relentlessly hunt these lazy FXOC members down & pester them, repeatedly !


My main worry is people on the other side of the World :o (or Moon, in one case :roll: ) - you answer an emergency 'help' call but have to anxiously wait for 8-12 hours for them to respond.

Its not their fault, of course, but can make you wonder 'what's going on' at the time. (no joke intended)
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