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Silent pellet trap - home made

PostPosted: Sun Jul 31, 2011 11:53 am
by Zero4k
Thought I'd make myself a silent pellet trap - been meaning to for a while. It's made around a standard 17cm target size so when I get around to buying some again they'll just slot in.

Back stop is made up of two bits of 6x1 on battens at the back, got a couple of pieces of heavy roofing lead stapled on to ptotect the wood a bit. The box is screwed on from the back and is about 4" deep, the corners are screwed together to give it strength. It's got a square of old carpet laid in flat against the back stop and rectangular strips of carpet packed in sideways that finish just below the level of the target, these are packed in very tight (that's why the corners are screwed) - if they are loose you are wasting your time. The slot for the card is made using lead which was nailed onto the front and folded over.

The theory is that the pellet goes through the target (obviously) and clears the paper / card before hitting the carpet which rapidly slows it to a halt before it hits the back stop. At 10 yards the pellet was just over 3/4's of the way through, at 30 yards it was about halfway through - this will vary depending on how tightly you pack the carpet. I'd recommend a proper pile type carpet not that foam backed stuff.

Note: if you are not limited to uk 12ft/lb and use a more powerful air gun, you will need a deeper box and greater filling depth.


Might not look pretty but trust me it works, no more THWACK when target practicing, all I can hear is the action at my end and a slight "phut" when the pellet hits the card, it's gonna be real peaceful here.

I was inspired by the photo in this thread on the Yellow forum, here's the link: Silent pellet trap

Re: Silent pellet trap - home made

PostPosted: Mon Aug 01, 2011 5:02 pm
by Graeme
That looks like a very good idea nicely executed.. Not seen one like that before :!: . Carpet end on 8-) .. . :idea: Don't think the wife dusts under the Davenport very often.. I'll give it a go at making one.. ;)


Re: Silent pellet trap - home made

PostPosted: Mon Aug 01, 2011 8:55 pm
by Zero4k
Thanks buddy, took about an hour to put together and another 15 minutes cutting and packing the damn carpet in, that was the worst part. In the USA you can buy duct seal which is apparently a non setting block of sealant, can't seem to find any here unless anyone knows differently? We do have something called plumbers mait which is also a non setting compound sold in 750g tubs, I have read can be used instead of the duct seal in a pellet trap.

EDIT: Forget the plumbers mait, I spoke to the plumb supply store and they reckon it's really messy stuff to handle, so be warned :!:

I'm sure your Wife wouldn't notice the odd bit missing - blame the dog if she does buddy ;)