12 oz cola can at 615 yards with Haley air rilfe

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12 oz cola can at 615 yards with Haley air rilfe

Postby roachcreek on Fri Aug 09, 2013 4:03 pm

Just got back from my old mountain property, I extended the "Pepsi Challenge from 552 yards to 615 yards on a 12 oz cola can.

I was shooting a 36 inch barreled Haley Scandalous tethered at 3550 PSI and shooting a bullet cast from a obsolete Ideal mold, a spitzer weighing in at 84 grains cast of 20-1.

After such a good start, I then went further back and I tried for two more days to extend the shot to 640-675 yards but found the bullet was loosing stability, so 615 may be the extreme range of this combination.

The utube videos here illustrate the power of this combination as it bursts the can with a retained energy of 120 FPE at 615 yards. I had a 242 inch mid range trajectory over the line of sight.

Link to the videos, the first outlines the equipment, the 2nd is the rangefinder view and the third video the hit which came on the third shot.



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