Haley Scandalous and the 502 and 552 yard shots

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Haley Scandalous and the 502 and 552 yard shots

Postby roachcreek on Tue Jun 18, 2013 3:24 am

That is 502 and 552 yard 12 oz cola cans with an air gun.

Has there been a longer shot on a 12 oz cola can?

Here in the USA we call this the Pepsi "Challenge" The old record was 447 yards with a modified AirForce rifle by Doug Noble shooting 100 grain 257 spitzers from a TJ 26 inch barrel by Tofazfou.

The rifle I used was my Haley 257 Scandalous made by Jack Haley with a 257 caliber TJ 36 inch 1-10 twist barrel. I was tethered to a 3500 PSI regulated 66 cf scba tank and shooting from a Caldwell Stabletable with a Caldwell Harris type bipod and Caldwell range bag for the but.

I was shooting my own cast bullets from a NOE 100 grain mold cast of 20-1 and sized to .258 and sorted to + or- 1/10 of a grain.

Scope used was a Leupold 4.5x14 Long Range 30 mm SF with Hollands reticle, Burris Signature mounts, which has 107 inches of elevation and I could dial on to the target at both 502 and 552 yards. Ranges were lasered with a Swarovski RF-1 laser rangefinder.

This video is my first ever Utube I have posted and I apologize for the quality, the first hit is the third shot, and two more are shown on the video at 502 yards. It was filmed with a Sony Handycam, you will notice a 1.5 second dwell from shot to hits.

Again sorr for the quality and the length o the videos, 10 minutes or so.

The range is up on my old mountain place and the trget butt is a old mine tailing. The elevation is 5700 feet.

This video shows one hit at 10:41 in the video of a hit at 552 yards

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