Haley 257 Scandalous at long range

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Haley 257 Scandalous at long range

Postby roachcreek on Sun Mar 24, 2013 3:47 pm

I had Jack Haley make me one of his Haley Scandalous rifles in 257 a few months ago and have been shooting it since November of 2012.

I shoot these days primarily with cast bullets at long range, I have my bench set up on the 2nd story deck of the house and shoot over the grape poles to the property boundry which is 260 yards.

View from target to the house where my bench is.

The Haley Scandalous uses a .257 TJ barrel which is a hammer forged barrel designed as a liner for antique firearms that need to be rebored and the original outer barrel left intact. Jack does all the other parts by hand one rifle at a time.

One shot kill on spray paint can at 260 yards

I have several molds for this rifle, two Lyman 257420 molds which cast out around 73 grains of 20-1, a Hoch nose pour tapered mold, made popular in the 1890-1920 period for Shutzen rifle competetion and a brand new NOE 81 grain SWC mold.

The Haley fills to well over 4000 PSI, but to stay under super sonnic velocites, I generally shoot it around 3500 PSI and I shoot it tethered. With the Hoch mold which drops out at 109 grains, I get a top velocity FPE at 1070 FPS/247 FPE which is really cooking with a 25 bore. Accuracy in the last month has really come together as the barrel has been breaking in and being conditioned with things like firelapping.

This last month I have been shooting 5 shot groups of SUB MOA at 260 yards with just about each shooting session, at 260 yards this means 5 shots under 2.678 inches. Yesterday I shot this group which is by far the best one yet. It is 5 of the NOE 81 grain bullets in 1.32 inches which computes to .50 MOA.


The Haley is a incredably flat shooting air rifle. One of my Molds, Lyman 257420, I am getting hollowpointed by Hollowpointmold services and that will give me the ability to sight in at 100 yards, have a maximum trajectory arc of 3 inches to 100 yrads and with the scope I am using, a Leupold VX111 LR 30 MM SF 4.5x14 with the MOA Hollands reticle, at 14 power, I can have POA out to 250 yards.

Hollands MOA reticle.

Untethered it gets 3 shots in a lethal group to 260 yards, 4 shots in a lethal group at 100 yards nad 5 shots at 50, it makes an ideal field rifle for desert calling of coyotes out to 250 yards.
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