1.5 inch cast bullet group at 280 yards from the Condor

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1.5 inch cast bullet group at 280 yards from the Condor

Postby roachcreek on Sun May 06, 2012 7:01 pm

280 yard 1.5 inch group.


I have been shooting my cast bullets at ever increasing ranges on a target frame I built especially for this purpose.


It is a 3x4 3/6th inch plate that weighs 92 lbs, I have it mounted 4 feet up on a 8 foot fence pole that surounds the 11 acre vineyard here. Mounted in the middle is a 8 inch saw blade, both metal surfaces give distictly different sounds when hit.

Last week I finally had a windless day or close to one to see exactly what my 25 LBT would do . The rifle is a highly modified AirForce Condor that I have written about in a previous post here titled 'Cast bullets in the Condor'.

At first when I started shooting this day I had a slight varible wind so I decided to shoot 3 shot grous to see if I could get three shots off in the ever changing NW Oregon conditions.

The first three groups averaged 5 inches. I made the 600 yard walk to and from the target to repaint it and settled down for a 4th and 5th group. Then next group was a slight improvement at 4.25 iches.

Then the wind quit blowing, I fired the first shot and saw the strike one inch from the center of the saw blade, I fired the second shot and it touched the first. I though to myself," this is where you goof up and pull a shot." At the shot I could hear the clang and the spot appear on the saw blade for a total group of 1.5 inches.

Needless to say I did not shoot another two shots and definately mess up this group.

It takes one full second of flight time for the 56 gain LBT bullet to get there.

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