Airgun Technology VULCAN Bullpup

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Airgun Technology VULCAN Bullpup

Postby CORKY on Mon May 04, 2015 8:08 am

I returned to the FX Forum, when I heard about rumours of their new Wildcat. I had seen the launch of the Daystate Pulsar and been unimpressed with it's looks, and looked around for something more attractive, the Wildcat fitted the bill. That's when good old fashioned word of mouth recommendations kicked in. With no obvious advertising, and no UK stockists, the buzz was the AT VULCAN. Long story short, I imported one from KRALE, in the Netherlands. Bullpup layout, with an ergonomically placed bolt, at the side just above the trigger, not stuck in your ear. The stock is ambi, and the bolt can be swapped to the other side in minutes. Available in .177, .22, and .25. I am VERY pleased with it, so goodbye Wildcat. Sorry, I haven't learned how to do piccies yet. I have yet to buy a suitable 'scope and mounts. I fancy the ATN X sight, 3 - 12, which comes ready fitted with mounts too. It's heavy but at just over 9 inches, is compact, to suit a bullpup only 26 inches long. I only have dovetail 'scope rings at the moment, so have only fired it "naked". Doing so, gives a false impression of it's final weight and balance, but being a right hander, I held the pistol grip in my right hand, and operated the bolt with my left hand, after a lifetime of using a traditional right hand bolt, I find I won't be changing the bolt over. Well designed, well made, and looks straight forward to work on
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