FX Boss Hunting results...

Boss, Bobcat, Indy...basically all the .30 powerhouses.

FX Boss Hunting results...

Postby boss_man on Tue Jan 19, 2016 11:51 pm

So, since acquiring my FX Boss recently I have now had time to try it out on quite a few small varmints.

Two words for the results: Absolutely devastating!

This rifle is amazing! Really glad now that I got the .30 instead of a .25 as I had originally planned.

At this time I'm being sent some of the brand new Predator Polymags in .30 to test with my rifle (yes these will be on sale in .30 very soon apparently).

So.... I'll report here on my findings with the Polymags.


(BTW: Glad that we seem to finally have our own slot on the FX board. Thank you admins!)
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