Bobcat valve issues

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Bobcat valve issues

Postby Pauly5 on Tue Nov 26, 2019 11:44 pm

Hi all, I have had issues with my MK2 Bobcat leaking. It is the valve seat area in question. On removing the old valve seat I found a thin filament of metal, and this looked to have come from the valve seating wall. The wall of where the valve seat O rings seal, are not smooth, and I can feel a very small step in it, and feel that this filament has been shaved off, and the wall damaged by the very sharp edge of the old valve seat over time by the action of hammer, or possibly by a botched repair of a former owner. (The valve seat isn't broken by the way.)
I smoothed off a washer and placed it under the new valve seat, in the hope that it would move the O rings up a bit to a smooth part of wall, and this did work for a while, but it has started leaking again. I have attached a drawing that I hope helps. Sorry, shocking photo quality.

I have this impending feeling of doom, and am coming to accept that this might be stuffed, and that the only solution would be to buy a new main block, which isn't cheap, or a new gun which is even more not cheap.

Any advice anyone?

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