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FX Wildcat Regulator

Postby dunk50 on Mon Sep 30, 2019 3:13 am

OK, I have the FX Wildcat MK2. It has an outside adjustable regulator. Actually very easy to adjust. Dropped my reg pressure to 90 bar and am shooting JSB 18.13's at about 17 ft lbs. The problem is the reg creeps quite a lot UP if I leave the gun charged for a while. Looking at the Huma regulator BUT it looks like you have to disassemble the gun to change the reg pressure. Is the huma reg that much better or is there a way to fix the FX regulator creep. Had FX reg shooting right at 30 ft lbs but don't need that so I thought I would turn it down for shot count. At 17 ft lbs I get quite a few more shots but the 10 lb variation in reg pressure makes a lot more difference at the lower speeds. Your thoughts please.
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