Read this before you buy.

The FX rifle with integrated 4-stage pump

Read this before you buy.

Postby tasmedic on Wed Jun 04, 2014 4:49 am

I've had my FX independence for a year now, and it's been a bit of a rollercoaster ride.

Initially, the air cylinder would lose pressure overnight, from 220 bar to 100 bar. After a few weeks of pumping it up each morning, this settled down. Strangely, when the gun arrived from the dealer (a 7 day trip from mainland australia to my franchise in Tassie) it was nicely set at 220 bar. It was only when I started using it that the leaking began. I traced it to air leaking back through the pump. I'm glad I didn't need to strip it down!

Then there was the problem with the hinge half way up the pump arm. This is a well documented issue, but I fell foul of 2 problems here. Firstly, the bolt through the arm would unscrew, with the bolt head then rubbing against the main tube of the cylinder at the end of every pumping stroke. This I fixed by putting thread tape over the threads of the bolt. Then I had the problem of the bolt not gripping against the pump arm correctly, so it pretty quickly started to rub against the pump arm and wear that away. When I fixed that by putting an "O" ring between the bolt and the arm, to encourage movement to occur between the bolt and the short arm which links to the pump proper, rather than between the bolt and the pump arm, the bolt has now started to score and wear away, despite proper lubrication.

So, it's a nice gun, expensive enough to be sure! But the pump and pump arm seem poorly designed, at least for everyday use. Plus, I live in a place where there are no dealers locally capable of servicing this gun. The next issue I expect is water in the air cylinder, as the pump doesn't remove any water from the compressed air.

My advice to potential users of this gun is: get a scuba tank or an air pump, and only use the pump on the gun when you can't get to your usual air supply.

I'm looking at a daystate huntsmal regal xl. With a separate pump of course!
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Re: Read this before you buy.

Postby Zonk on Fri Jun 06, 2014 5:08 pm

Wow that's to bad your having problems like that. A tank sure is nice to have. I have a great white 97 cf and it holds 4500 psi....lots of fills.

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