Verminator 2 FAC

The new Gladiator and Verminator ("Mk2") models are based on the Royale/Elite action block, but are different enough to warrant their own section.

Verminator 2 FAC

Postby Thynne on Wed Nov 27, 2013 8:35 pm

Has anyone here upgraded a Vermy Mk2 to FAC levels. I currently use a Royale in .22 at 28ftlbs but to be honest it is a long and unwieldy beast, particularly ratting around farmyards at night. I would be interested to hear whether the V.Mk2 can achieve similar accuracy at 20+ ftlbs VS 12 ftlbs, also whether the noise can be contained adequately (and if so, how)?

Also does anyone have any news on whether the Bullpup will become available in the UK or, if not, whether it can be imported from elsewhere at an acceptable price difference?
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