fac'ing vermi mk2

The new Gladiator and Verminator ("Mk2") models are based on the Royale/Elite action block, but are different enough to warrant their own section.

fac'ing vermi mk2

Postby mmamonster on Sat Oct 26, 2013 7:40 pm

just had my fac and was thinking off puting my mk2 verminator on ticket.
would i have to send off to be done or could it be done at home ?
i have never done this so its new to me.
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Re: fac'ing vermi mk2

Postby Thynne on Sun Dec 01, 2013 6:02 pm

It can be done at home, but it is unlikely that anyone on here will tell you how to do it. You may find that you get in to all sorts of problems with your local constabulary if you upgrade your own rifle and do not follow whatever is the local office's interpretation of the 'rules'. Sadly, the best route would be be to send it off to a registered forearms dealer/airgun expert to have it upgraded, and inform your Firearms Office through the normal forms. I have heard of all sorts of problems that you get into if you upgrade it yourself, but I guess it depends on the view your local firearms officer takes. Personally I think £100 or so is worth spending to avoid the sorts of problems you could get into in licensing issues if you get just one bit of the process wrong (and believe me it will differ from force to force)! It may be worth calling your local office just to check their policy on this.
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Re: fac'ing vermi mk2

Postby Tony22b on Mon Dec 02, 2013 10:02 pm

i would speak to ASI, im sure the anti tamper on the uk model is destructive and that even the factory fit a new receiver ,

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They are ready for preorder in the UK now.... June 26 2011, 2:20 PM

Lloyd at BAR are asking £920 for them, here in Sweden they are up 1/8 of the forerunner, Mk I.

The UK version does however have a severe AT fitted, they are permanently locked to sub 12 fpe. Now I know some people still want to crank it up but just forget it, not even the factory tries to remove AT on this one, they replace the whole reciever instead - its less expensive.

The AT on this one is the best one in business.

Our main gain here in Sweden, that motivates the extra cost to the forerunner is the removable shroud, not legally viewed as a sound moderator. The old one had only thread and needed a removable moderator, not legal in Sweden or the US but a standard item in the UK.

The rifle is rather quiet with the first, non removable, part fitted esp in low power mode. But when the second part is screwed in place it will have a VERY quiet report, even at high power. The shroud is tuned to the rifles powerlevel making it about as quiet as the Independence full shroud, but of course, with a lower powerlevel due to the shorter barrel.

The Varminter (Verminator Mk II) does also have a new poweradjuster, just like the Cycloneseries. It have 3 steps and is repetable. The design of the poweradjuster is all new and not like the old one, this one (ie its seals) will have a much longer servicelife since its not jammed in between two recievers halves. The feeling in the poweradjuster is also much nicer, its easy to adjust (roll) but yet more distinct, with a clear "lock" in each mode. Its also clearly marked for each step, not just a lever as the old one. It does not stand out from the reciever, as the old one, minimizing the risk for something to catch it so it changes position. Its a nice intergrated part of the reciever and looks much nicer.

The barrels will be ST ones and the preproduction prototypes have shown themself to be very accurate, just as all other models based upon the Royale and using ST technology. I cant prove anything but my gut feeling is that the Mk II will have an edge in absolut accuracy compared to the fore runner using the LW barrel.

The rifle does also feel alot more solid, more like a brick then the 2240-like Mk I. It handles well and the action is just as smooth as all other rifles based on the Royale. My feeling is that the balance is better then Mk I, it feels more natural to shoulder. I myself is not into tactical rifles and dont like the look or feeling of most FX syntetic stocks but the Varminter feels best of them all. Its longer brother, Gladiator Mk II, fitted with a Elite-type regulator and 740 cc air on board will be an really awesome rifle with something like 130-140 shots at 50+ fpe in calibre 25.

Perhaps an even better rifle to start with, and add a separate Varminter short barrel for close up work in a suburban area? Maybe a 25 long barrel and a 22 short barrel?

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