Bionic Magpie!!!!

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Bionic Magpie!!!!

Postby FXpoacher on Sat May 31, 2008 9:52 am

The sun is out and it seems every magpie in the south of Sweden came to nick my chicken feed today.

I pumped the T12, filled the mag with Baracudas and opened the window quietly.

A few flew off directly, but i had 6 left at ranges from 25 to 50 mtrs.

I took the nearest one first, (I'm a little hung over so why take the hardest shot first!) and the rest flew away, but one.
This was a big one at 40mtrs. He just started flapping his wings doing his pica pica bit, and walked towards the dead one.
Took the shot, smack in the middle of his chest, and down he went. Then he was up again!!.
Flapping his wings and walking towards the dead one again!. I put another shot in his chest, and he went down once more,...................Only to get up again!!!.

Now he's at 30mtrs and still coming, I take a headshot and down he goes. After a couple of minutes hes not moving, so i go out to have a look.
Picked him up and and squeezed under the wings untill it stopped breathing.
Both the chest shots were smack on target with no exit wound and that should of took him down, no question about it.

The head shot had gone in just above the beak, and the back of the skull was gone, along with most of the contents!

Shot placement was not a problem, Even over the chrono i was still on 245mtrs a sec, with 21gr pellets.

This should'nt of happened!!!!

So was this a bionic Magpie, or was it just love for the dead one, or had he been on the christal meth just before?
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Re: Bionic Magpie!!!!

Postby Osok on Tue Jun 17, 2008 6:23 pm

Or he died with the first shot, but you were still drunk and seing things. :o

Just a possibility.... :D

Stuff like that happens lots! I shot a crow about 2 days ago from approx. 20 meters and the shot almost took the entire head off. It still managed to stumble about and take off about 4 meters into the air (after which it did die). All that with only about 15% of its head left on... :?:
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Re: Bionic Magpie!!!!

Postby FXpoacher on Tue Jun 17, 2008 9:17 pm

It must been the fall that killed it!! :D
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