First Kill

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First Kill

Postby blueheckle on Tue Oct 28, 2014 3:24 pm

Went out yesterday to a permission which had just been cut,weather was very nice and had to travel a fair bit so decided to make a day off it, we man had a good time at the beach before having something to eat,then on to the permission,I had the .22 Rimmy and wee man had his RWS Schimiter .22 we parked up and he spied a bunny about 30 yds away so off he went staying close to the hedge and shadow but unfortunately we hadnt changed into hunting gear so he stood out like a sore thumb, he got into prone and steadied himself but off it went,I had seen one just behind us so put him on that again off he went using the hedge and shadows well but again it ran,he turned and signaled he could see another so I gave him the nod,but by this time he was at the brow of a hill so they could see him against the sky line he disappeared over the hill,I got the Rimmy set up and turned round to see a very happy chappy proudly carrying his prize well done son,we went over another hill were I took aim at first mixy rabbit this year and heard the dull thud which told me it had been gut shot and not head shot but still rolled over had about another 6 shots and six misses bright sunshine (using the photon with doubler and 25mm hole on flip up) I had to re zero the last outing, so wee man went walk about while I re zero it was out about 3 ins, but wee man was willing to walk for miles now he had the adrenalin rush lol, managed another 3 after dark but that was it, but good to see the wee man getting his first kill with his own rifle priceless all the best
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Re: First Kill

Postby Zonk on Thu Oct 30, 2014 1:10 pm

Great picture, It's nice to see a young man out hunting and enjoying the outdoors.
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