Maintenance Instuctions

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Maintenance Instuctions

Postby mmasola on Fri Jun 15, 2012 8:33 pm

I own a Fx Royale 400 since 2010 and I am extremely happy with it. After three hunting seasons, It is time for me to perform some maintenance on it (disassembly, O Ring change, valvepin seat replacement, lubricate, assembly). I managed to purchase original Fx repairs kits in Sweden, thanks to a tip coming from PolarBear. I obtained the part list and drawings from the Fx website. What I am lacking now if from detailed instructions on how to actually do things to avoid damaging this nice rifle, and also specs for cleaning and lubrication materials. Fx provides no maintenance manual for beginners orientation. I have this rifle in Argentina, where I have nobody to go to (I have one of the few Fx Royal existing down there).

With this introduction, would any of you guys give me a hand? Is there any written information I can read? I need to do this on my own, but can not afford making a big mistake (the rifle costs U$ 4,000 over here).

Any and all advise will be greatly appreciated.
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