Breech O ring replacement

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Breech O ring replacement

Postby Zero4k on Wed Aug 24, 2011 6:43 pm

I've read that changing the breech O ring can be awkward to do with the barrel fitted, well I changed mine today and the whole job took less that 5 minutes. To remove the old one I used one half of a broken pair of fine tweezers with the end rounded so it wouldn't damage the brass breech, this slips under the O ring so it's raised out of the slot, I used another pair of fine tweezers to grab and remove it.

To fit the new O ring, I inserted a cleaning pellet into the breech and carefully pushed it just past the machined slot, took the new O ring and pushed it in so one edge contacts the cleaning pellet and slot, grab another cleaning pellet and insert that until it meets the O ring and push lightly - the O ring just popped into place. I pulled the last cleaning pellet out and just fired the other one out of the barrel - job done.

Just discovered you don't need the second cleaning pellet, just use the first one as above and push the O ring in the breech with the end of your finger, it just slots into place.
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Re: Breech O ring replacement

Postby Graeme on Thu Aug 25, 2011 8:51 am

Great Tip !

I was wondering how would be best to do it..
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