Norica Killer Pellets.

FX Airguns also has its own branded pellets. Aside from these, please share your experiences with which pellets work best in your FX airgun here!

Norica Killer Pellets.

Postby gunvider on Sat Aug 07, 2010 5:05 pm

Bullit shaped hollow point expanding pellets.
Do they do what it says on the tin.
You have to hit the mark first.
I found them inaccurate.
To make matters worse most didn't deform or expand.
For Norica Killers to live up to there name they have to perform a mogic trick.
It happened once, turning itself inside out looking flat like a cornflake with multiple pointed edges.
Great, if you hit the mark, if you hit something hard then the Norica Killer will be a star performer.
A Ninja death Star performer.
If It hits the mark, if it hits something hard, if it does open itself up & out.
Norica Killers, no thanks, back to domes for now. ... S9JpkBVYj4
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