RWS SuperHollowPoint (SHP) Hunting Pellet.

FX Airguns also has its own branded pellets. Aside from these, please share your experiences with which pellets work best in your FX airgun here!

RWS SuperHollowPoint (SHP) Hunting Pellet.

Postby gunvider on Sat Jul 31, 2010 4:19 pm

For many years in many different rifles I've used hollow point pellets for hunting.
Same principle as target shooting an accurate pellet was needed.
The RWS was a favorite of mine but sadly I find It's not accurate in one of my rifles so I thought I'd use a few out of the tin to check how it expands, what happens to the pellet & in general can I call it an expanding pelllet or just an hollow point variety one ?
The head is allmost flat, the hollow cup isn't too large & the outer part of the ring that forms the wall to the cup is angled.
Std' waisted shaped pellet with a tightly narrow part at the top of the skirt just under the head.
The bulk of the weight I guess is in the base of the cup / top of the skirt.
It looks like when the pellet strikes the "target" there is little metal to expand so what happens is that the outer ring of the head rolls down the skirt & quite often is stripped from the bulk of the pellet leaving two parts, a small bullit shaped pellet & a thin ring.
As mentioned I've used them with good success for many years & when a "best pellet" question pops up these get good remarks & recomendations so many must think they are good at the job the are designed for.
Now I'm not so sure, if these were used side by side with a similar pellet as far as accuracy is concerned, say a dome.
What would really have the "knock down" power :?:
This is the results of testing them for expantion.
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