FX Airguns also has its own branded pellets. Aside from these, please share your experiences with which pellets work best in your FX airgun here!


Postby rui de castro on Wed Jul 28, 2010 11:16 pm

I just bought a new cyclone fac .177 , and contrary to what I was expecting, it didn´t like nothingelse but jsb´s exact 4,52, I´ve tried jsb heavy fx jsb 4,51 , jsb 4,50, nothing only 4,52 exact, well until now . It absolutely loves the new cometa 4,52 made by jsb. in my opinion, better finish and slightly stronger skirt, and aldo & that´s only my feeling, could be wrong, harder, so they they get a better "grip" along the rifled barrel. On the weekend I´ll try them on the prosport .177 fac, and when the .22 arrive, I´ll experiment them on my wh´s fac.
rui de castro
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Re: cometa/jsb

Postby iwb on Sun Aug 26, 2012 1:11 pm

Has anyone else used the Cometa range of pellets?
Would like opinions on them. Came across this website
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Re: cometa/jsb

Postby MASTORAS on Sun Aug 26, 2012 6:35 pm

I have don the test between jsb 10.3 - cometa 10.3 and jsb 13.43 - cometa 13.43 at 25 and 50 meters with two different airguns AA MPR 12ffootpounds, AA MPR 19footpounds, and the .22 Theoben MFR and AA S400.
The results at the target are the same but a litlle better than cometa.
Theoben MFR 5.5 Nikko FT 6-24x56
AA MPR 4.5 Nikko FT 6-24x
AA S400 5.5 Nikko FT 6-24x56
Cometa Lynx 4.5 Diopter
Evanix S10 5.5 Nikko FT 6-24x56
HW 77 4.5 Leapers 6-24x50
BSA S10 6.35 Nikko stirling 8-32x60
Hatsan AT44 6.35 leapers 3-9x40
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