Pellet news snippets

FX Airguns also has its own branded pellets. Aside from these, please share your experiences with which pellets work best in your FX airgun here!

Pellet news snippets

Postby Zero4k on Mon Jul 01, 2013 12:05 pm

Having had severe problems with JSB Exacts 4.52 (8.44gr) and moved to the AA branded JSB's (much better), some more good news.

As a comparison the AA branded pellets sell at around 7.99 uk pounds for the 4.52 (8.44gr) and 10.49 uk pounds for the 5.52 (15.9gr).

ASI have started selling FX pellets - thanks to another member for the info (made by JSB), 4.52 (8.44gr) @ 10 uk pounds and 5.52 (15.9gr) @ 13 uk pounds here's the uk FX price list. Other sizes and smooth twist pellets also listed.

FX magazines - new version is out for anyone with a preference for medium height scope rings on the Royale based action.

Also of interest (possibly) are the new Daystate branded JSB Exacts called the Rangemaster Sovereign, not sure of the sizes due to missing info. 8.44gr @ 8.99 uk pounds and 15.9gr @ 12.49 uk pounds (uttings) or 8.44gr @ 8.95 uk pounds and 15.9gr @ 11.95 uk pounds (BAR).

From Daystate "Daystate let the pellet experts do their job, to select a pellet that is optimised for Walther barrels without the shooter having to worry about selecting from a range of pellet heads sizes, something that causes confusion and in most cases not something the shooter is willing to do. So we have concentrated on supplying a general airgun pellet, but made to indoor match quality."

Have I read that right? Shooters worry and get confused and are mostly unwilling to find the best pellet size for their air gun? Hmmmmm...... Must be a strange new breed of shooter out there...
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