FX Crown with Smooth Twist X Barrel

FX Airguns also has its own branded pellets. Aside from these, please share your experiences with which pellets work best in your FX airgun here!

FX Crown with Smooth Twist X Barrel

Postby kevbell on Tue Nov 05, 2019 5:02 pm

It would be nice to see some posts from Crown users - I might be looking in the wrong place but there doesnt appear to be a Crown section on this forum. Anyway, I have an FX Crown in 177 sub 12ft lb, please could someone recommend an accurate pellet for the 177 Smooth Twist X barrel. I’m just looking for accuracy for target shooting out to about 60 yards. Hopefully I be able to find a pellet that is reasonably accurate beyond 60 yards as well. If anyone has specific power settings for the Crown with various pellets that would be great. Many thanks if you can help with some recommendations.
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