Simmons Bore Sighter.

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Simmons Bore Sighter.

Postby gunvider on Sun Jun 13, 2010 8:41 am

Bore sighters are more commonly used with powder burners & for years I didn't want one & thought I didn't need one.
I don't swop scopes very often so it will be tool that gets dusty more than being used.
Since I got a bore sighter I've realised over the years one of these would of saved me so much grief from mount problems & scopes that didn't adjust or very slowly so I over adjusted then had to go backwards when the ret' caught up many shots later.
Many will say a bore sighter is a waste of money but I'm sure one or two will also think, um, that looks like something that will come in handy.
Just choose the arbour for your cal' & fit, look through your scope & adjust then adjust.
If you do plan to get a bore sigher check the arbours supplied include you'r cal'.
Bore sighters are made by Simmons, Bushnell, Hawk & all look similar.
Bushnell also do a magnetic bore sighter.
Hawk call there bore sighter a shot saver.
I found with the air rifle shown I needed to aim high when stting the elevation.
You see a grid when you look throught the scope, adjust the scope untill the cross hairs line up to the grid then take note where after you finnish off on paper to fine tune.
Very easy to set up so when you change aim points for a different pellet or remove the scope to work on the rifle you can quickly check the scope when you refit.
Handy if you think the scope has gone off / been knocked.
Personally I can only think of one dissadvantage, cost.
Well made in metal so it will outlast my guns.
I regard a bore sighter as an investment, a tool.
If you have one rifle & don't plan to change scopes then a bore sighter will be of no use to you.
If cost is a dissadvantage but a bore sighter looks good then look for a hardly used s/hand one. ... aEhxKKBuhw
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