Leapers (AGS JSR) 8-32x56

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Leapers (AGS JSR) 8-32x56

Postby gunvider on Mon Sep 06, 2010 10:53 am

I managed to find a bargain.
AGS 8-32x56, the focus was very very stiff but with a 100mm wheel on the focus is now as to be expected.
The mag ring is stiff, no lets call it firm as It's smooth, just, er, firm.
The image goes a little darker when the mag is high but in bright daylight I didn't notice untill the light levels dropped.
Flimsy flip up covers but they stay up, & snap firmly shut so end of that moan.
The adjustment clicks seem ok & the scope was a bit slow to move but the adjustment got me there in the end.
Lock rings on the turrets, are they needed ?
Never seen them before on other scopes I've had.
So far I've only done a zero & a bit of short range plinking, happy with what I see.
Just scanning around the clarity looks good for the longer shots & way beyond as well.
This is a discontinued scope as AGS went out of business some time ago so I'll make allowances for it being sat on a dealers shelf for a few years.
Leapers supplied this scope to AGS as they also do to JSR.
I got my wheel from JSR & noted on the website the AGS scope is cheaper than the Leapers version so if your looking for a similar spec scope It might be an idea to check out JSR & save some money, you could get a sidewheel & still have money left over for a tin of pellets.
Am I happy with my scope.
You bet, great VFM for a budget scope, does all I want & possibly more.
Better still I found a bargain price one.
Going to be a keeper for some time to come.
What scopes am I compareing against.
Bushnell 6500, Simmons WTC & an EB 10x44 plus many many more that I've sold on.
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Re: Leapers (AGS JSR) 8-32x56

Postby Just9t9 on Sun Mar 01, 2015 10:27 pm

Hi there I totally agree with your summing up
This was my main scope for a long time atop of a cricket but I heard good things about ffp scopes so I swapped my mtc connect for a falcon menace 5-25x50 takes a little getting use to but I wouldn't do without it. As for the ags this is also a keeper if I can get it back from my son who has taken a liking to it. :)
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