Unique FX Verminator / Gladiator Hybrid .22

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Unique FX Verminator / Gladiator Hybrid .22

Postby Simply Simon on Sun Jul 14, 2019 6:25 pm

This is a FX Verminator / Gladiator Hybrid in .22; I call it the Vladiator.

It has a Verminator rear cylinder and body, a high quality Daystate LR90 .22 barrel and Mike Simm's pump action forend (check out his similar Logun S16 YouTube video).

This replaces the cocking lever for a front operated pump action. This is no toy though and requires a strong, positive technique. It allows fast reloading whilst staying fixed on sight. Great for close quarters, fast action ratting on a red dot or low mag scope.

This comes with a .22 eight shot magazine and fill probe. Better pictures can be provided on request - resizing pictures means detail is lost.

Price is £500 collected. I may post at buyers risk (this isn't a bog standard BSA Springer).

I also have the original stock and cocking lever which I will include for a further £75 giving you the option to go back to the original cocking mechanism.

I would consider very limited swaps of equivalent value. I am missing a bull pup from my collection and am yet to add a high quality regulated sporter (.177 only). Also on the lookout for a reasonably priced Titan Bearcat or NP-02 (.22 only) for my father-in-laws birthday (these would include cash my way). Any swaps would have to be face to face.
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