FX Impact power reduction probe

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FX Impact power reduction probe

Postby vulpinehunter on Wed Mar 13, 2019 12:20 am

I have made four probes for .25 that reduce the power from 43 ftlb down to 26/22/15/and 9 ftlbs.
They are made from brass and I fitted into gun and then tested on them on crono and the results were just brilliant max of 3 feet per second difference on all four probes.
So no need now to take the barrel out and turn it just pop in one of my probes and your good to go hunting in barns and close work where power is not needed so much.

These will be made to order and I can give rough idea of the power you will get starting at 43Ftlbs using 25,4 grain pellets.

Please note these are .25 probes and for fac only

They will be £30 each posted the design offers you to be able to "tweek" them with small drill.
I can do standard one if you have misplaced it!
For mare info please PM me .

Thanks for looking
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