BSA Ultra Mk I

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BSA Ultra Mk I

Postby JohnnySweden on Mon Jul 23, 2012 6:48 pm

My 2006 BSA Ultra in calibre 22 fitted with custom triggerunit from Rowan Engineering, fillport/gauge by XTX Air, triggerguard by Maccari. Muzzlebrake by Webley Tomahawk. Scoped with a Tasco Varmint I 2.5-10/42 Ao.




The rifle shoots 21.10 gn Baracuda (aka Beeman Kodiaks) at 18 fpe for about 20 good shots:


Blue line is HN Baracuda, Red line is JSB Jumbo Exact 16.00 gn

Accuracy is very good, this is 55 measured yards using HN Baracuda:

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.22 BSA Ultra Mk I - Tasco Varmint I 2.5-10/42 Ao
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Re: BSA Ultra Mk I

Postby Comba on Tue Jul 24, 2012 4:56 pm

nice rifle, I also have BSA but R10 in 5.5 cal, FAC, and now I have ordered new regulator from Pekator
FX Cyclone 5.5 FAC
BSA R10 5.5 FAC
HW97k 4.5 v-mach 16J
AA s400 4.5 16J
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