Ranchero Leaks

One of the few truly high powered PCP airpistols on the market. Also known as FX8500/8500-22

Ranchero Leaks

Postby dwood on Mon Nov 10, 2014 4:14 pm

I purchased a new Ranchero Carbine. It has never held pressure from the first fill. Even though I bought it at Airguns of Arizona, the USA distributor, I do not want to return it to them under warranty or for service because I don't have any confidence in the quality of their work [from previous experience].

I'm sure it is just a matter of replacing O-rings. But I can't find any information on disassembly or parts.

I emailed FX for help and never received a response.

Does anyone have information to share on how to work on these air rifles?

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