Little rubber 'bit'

FX's "TDR" or "Take Down Rifle". Biathlon style sidelever action in a small package.

Little rubber 'bit'

Postby Suffolk Rifle on Fri Oct 20, 2017 12:02 am

Just a 'heads up' over this bit.
Just lost the little bit of rubber that sits under the screw that supposedly holds the bottle cover on (note the 'supposedly' bit ;) ) that stops it digging into the bottle.
Not being one to spend out more on postage than a bit costs (besides which, it was a Sunday evening), looked round the house for something that 'would do the same job' - sort of, came across a tap washer and a single hole paper punch, now it's got a 'double' one fitted - though they've got a concave middle to them, think they'll do until I get somewhere to pick up an original bit.
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