Huggett silencer

FX's "TDR" or "Take Down Rifle". Biathlon style sidelever action in a small package.

Huggett silencer

Postby Rigwallet on Mon Jul 27, 2015 9:00 pm

Well after all my mourning about the air cylinder my huggett silencer has arrived. I ordered it two months ago and now it :D :D has finally landed I collected it from my gun shop that I use all the time. Well fitted it and took a shot WOW I can't belive how good it is. I got my first air rifle at age 11 and now I'm 53 and have shot air rifles constantly all through my life and have had well over a hundred guns and many silencers but I've never had anything that compares to the huggett. My gun is so quiet it sounds like it's run out of air you know the sound when the pellet doesn't leave the gun I keep looking at the air meter and put it on the chrono as I was doubting my gun but the gun was fine and the huggett silencer was fantastic. If your gonna get a silencer guys get the huggett looks superb enhances the guns look ok it's £89.95 but I would gladly pay double that far a silencer to work as good as the huggett.
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