Problem with the automatic cocking.

The "other" semi-auto airrifle from FX.

Re: Problem with the automatic cocking.

Postby Mcblade on Sat Feb 07, 2009 7:59 pm

sundaze643 wrote:sometimes,I have this problem at the fist mag at the 4,5th shot!!I thing it is not normal..
Also,when I handdle my gun and rotate it,at the front of the bull barrel,I hear a noise from a spring.Is it normal?Does anybody else hear it?

No, that does not sound normal to me either. I've put maybe some 1000 shots trough mine since I got it in november-08 (very dark here, not much time and light to shoot) and it has never failed to recock on the first or second mag when I've started at 200 bar. I just muted the TV (watching The Simpsons and drinking beer, typical finnish weekend) and rotated the [not loaded] Monsoon in all directions possible (good thing no-one is here to see that, must have looked a bit strange). Can't hear a single sound from any part of the gun no matter how much I try.

There really could be something loose in the front in your gun, and since that is where the piston for the auto reload is, this might indicate an issue. If I were you, I'd take it back to the dealer and have them look at it too and possibly replace it, a new gun this expensive surely should have a valid warranty and free repairs/replacements (just so you don't open the gun yourself which might invalidate said warranty, even if there is the monsoon pictorial elsewhere on this site for instructions).

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Re: Problem with the automatic cocking.

Postby sundaze643 on Tue Feb 17, 2009 12:59 pm

My frieds,

first of all,the noise from the spring was not correct.It was not a spring but dust from the pellets.I use most times,jsb which are very soft and propably,they leave dust in the shroud.
I took a new monsoon,and the new,makes the same thing but not too often.
I filled the air cylinder with 200-220 bar and i shoot 4 mags.I did that 4 times.At the 16 mags i shoot,2 times the gun didnt recock at the last mag(maybe it is ok because the gun,had less pressure in the cylinder-120bar)and 2 more-once at the second mag and once at the third.I used,most jsb(light and middle weight) and two times baracuda and crosman premier.I thing the 2 failed-recock aren't normal.
After that,the shroud,filled with dust again an I hear again that strange noise when I shake my gun.
It hears strange,that no other had re cock problems and I who have used 2 new monsoons,have this problem again and again.
Fx sent me instruction with 2 part which I should change in the shroud,but the gun works the same.. :roll:
I cant undestand.Maybe my gun is too powerfull and shoots 27-28 feet/lbs and damage the pellets.
I wait to hear any opinions..

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Re: Problem with the automatic cocking.

Postby johnyc on Thu Jan 21, 2010 10:17 pm

hi guys.

i'm glad to hear that i'm not the only one with this problem :)
I have just bought a new monsoon and i found that when the pressure droped lower than 150bar the problem started.
but as soon as i top up to 200bar it's good for another 2-3 mags.
my monsoon is a full power 4.5 .177 (16 shot mag).
i also noticed my accuracy would be out after 2nd time manually loading.
now if this is how the monsoon should work?i dont know...???
FX specs say 30-40 shots with 180cc air bottle,i have a 240cc air bottle on mine and i get between 32-58 shots.
the shop that sold it to me said to me that when it is to low on air it will stop reloading.
i had a Weihrauch HW100 4.5 .177 full power again,that had a 14 shot mag and 175cc air bottle.
i use to have to refill the bottle after 2 and a half mags and this is a manual reload air rifle.
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Re: Problem with the automatic cocking.

Postby AIRCRETE on Sat Mar 17, 2012 9:40 pm

Don't underestimate the tension of the 12-shot (.22 cal.) magazines. They are -- sometimes -- the source of Monsoon grief. I had similar failures at the beginning, just like the other posters have already stated.

Don't be afraid to take the magazines apart. I have 7 and they were ALL different in tension when I bought them: all plastic-made and from the first production. The later ones come in aluminum or something similar. Apparently the Monsoon-designated and the T-12 ones (for instance), although they look similar are in fact quite different and are not immediately interchangeable. They can all be adjusted correctly.

The spring in one of the ones I bought (two were delivered w/the rifle in 2007), was mangled(!). Not broken, just twisted. Some were way too soft in turning and others way too stiff to even load with ease (they slipped if not held right). Obviously they had come from a mixed bag for various FX repeater guns..

I decided to take them all apart and rewound them three turns EXACTLY. I tried two and four turns but I soon got jams. Your mileage may differ so you need to experiment w/your Monsoon.

I never had any of those early issues since, though.
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Re: Problem with the automatic cocking.

Postby gprs12 on Sun Feb 16, 2014 10:47 pm

sundaze643 wrote:Marcus,
sometimes,I have this problem at the fist mag at the 4,5th shot!!I thing it is not normal..
Also,when I handle my gun and rotate it,at the front of the bull barrel,I hear a noise from a spring.Is it normal?Does anybody else hear it?

The noise from the front is not normal. I had a similar problem and when I sent the rifle back to the importer, he replaced a broken piece of spring that he found and it works fine now.
additionally, the grub screw adjustment on the trigger must be EXACT...apparently, even if it is out just a little, it will not cycle

good luck

Greg Pace

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