More info on FX Revo

This is the king of FX Airguns (FX8000). The semi automatic, 12 shot airrifle with 500cc of air capacity. Bring it on!

More info on FX Revo

Postby GKU on Tue Jun 25, 2013 3:37 am

I've been shooting her every weekend since I got her (Revo .22 cal ST R3). Just love the gun, it's shoots very well the most accurate air gun I have so far. Tried looking for more info on the adjustments of the gun, which the manual is very vague on. Like opening the return pressure screw causes less recycling force ? I tried full open and full close with no difference. I'm trying or what to minimize the ware.

AoA mistakenly sent me the gun without setting it up. There was a brass laser looking bead of some sort in the barrel of the gun and I was told by AoA to remove it and the set screw in the breech. I'm not sure if that all that's done in the set up ? And I'm worried of premature ware.

I've tried fully open and even removed the screw it sill cycles. I've read the some FX Revo owners gun do not cycle heavies like JSB 25.4 grain. I've used pellets from 13.43 - 25.4 grain and they all cycling in the open position(factory set at half way). This is making me think that the pellet probe spring is set with to little pressure and causing to much ware when cycling. I've notice that when firing there is a slight burst of air from the breech, is this normal ? Read that some turn the tension up on the pellet probe all the way to stop this from happening. I haven't tried this yet it sounds risky.

Funny some owner grumbly about it not cycling and I concern about it not stopping. ;)
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