Gladiator MK1 Barrel Wanted .22

Two types known, the "DA" or "Double Air" and the "PA" or "Pump Action" (a.k.a. FX Exterminator). Lots of air (500cc minimum), and the same biathlon style sidelever action as the Cutlas. Also known as Logun Gladi8tor.

Gladiator MK1 Barrel Wanted .22

Postby moorsman on Thu Jun 27, 2013 6:18 pm

I have been making enquires locally but without success about getting a barrel for my FX Gladiator as the previous owner tried to turn it into a verminator. The only suggestion I got was to buy a new one from FX through my local RFD...rather expensive. So if anyone has a.22 Gladiator barrel that is surplus to requirements please get in touch. It goes without saying that I am willing to pay for it!

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