super swift dry fire issue

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super swift dry fire issue

Postby kenkad on Tue Sep 17, 2013 6:35 pm

I have a FX Super Swift. Apparently, there was a very small leak in the fill port valve of the cylinder and the cylinder leaked down and the result was a dry fire. I got a replacement valve from Airguns of Arizona and repaired the cylinder. Then when I placed the cylinder into the airgun, the air now leaks out near the cylinder exit valve. I obtained a parts list/drawing for the Cutlas and now decided to see if the #17-#23 valve parts were damaged. There does not appear to be any damage, especially to the chamfered end of the main valve pin or the opposite end that is restrained by the spring. I do not see any easy way to remove the part #17 and #18. I do not see any issue with the O-ring, part #26. Since this issue happened immediately after the dry fire, I have to assume that the dry fire was the cause.

In order to remove part #17 and #18, does the hammer and hammer spring have to be removed and then some small diameter rod inserted to push out valve seat and O-ring? I have looked for any videos that show how this is done and there do not appear to be any. If I remember correctly, Airguns of Arizona suggested connecting a high pressure scuba cylinder (not use the hand pump) and pressurize the airgun cylinder to try to reset the main valve pin. Since removing the main valve pin was not very difficult, I did that instead to see if there was any damage. Since there does not appear to be any damage, I do not understand the suggestion of using a scuba tank as a high volume pressurization. I cannot even find out what parts come in the main valve pin repair kit. I have even tried to contact FXairguns directly and got absolutely no response.

Thanks for any help. I am near Huntsville, AL, USA.
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