T12 .177 mag

The entry level PCP from FX with grown-up performance! Together with the 12 or 16 shot variant, the FX T-12 in all types (FX1000 / FX1000-22 / FX1002 / FX1002-22 / FX1012 / FX1012-22 / FX1212 / FX1212-22). Also known as Logun Solo. The Biathlon model is also based on this platform.

T12 .177 mag

Postby garethf on Thu May 29, 2014 12:07 am

Hi guys just want to ask if anyone has had any experience with the spring loaded mag on a T12
I'm having issues with mine where the pellets arnt going into the chamber as smoothly as I would thought can I do anything to improve this

Thanks in advance
FX T12 .177, Nikko Sterling Gameking scope, Harris bipod
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