FX Typhoon .177 accuracy

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FX Typhoon .177 accuracy

Postby jonleeb on Wed Mar 30, 2011 11:40 am

Hello everyone,

I am new to this forum, but wanted to share my experience with my recently purchased FX Typhoon single shot in .177

I guess I am like a lot of guys who are in their mid 40's. My experience with airguns started in the late 70's and early 80's when I was a teenager, when I got a lovely BSA Mercury in .22 as my main christmas present when I was 14. I loved that gun and had many happy times in my parents back garden shooting all sorts of things. Mounted with an ASI 4 x 32 scope and with good old Pylarm pellets, it was a pretty accurate combination, and I managed to account for a fair few rabbits, pigeons and squirrels on my mates uncles farm with it.

Over time I got itchy feet and decided to trade the Mercury in for a Sharps Innova in .22..... a decision I regret to this day to be honest. The Innova felt like a toy after the Mercury, but once the deal had been done there was no going back.

Eventually the Innova got traded in for an Anschutz 335 in .177, a gun which I still have to this day.

As I started to get some money in from part time jobs whilst at college, I saved up for one of the early HW77K's in .22. I cannot remember exactly when I bought it, but I guess it must have been around 1982. What a great gun compared to what else was out there at the time !

As life marched on, I joined HM forces for a number of years, came out of the forces, got a job, house, car, got married, kids......... you know the story.

Sadly my airguns got consigned to my parents attic whilst I was away and to be honest, I completely forgot about them.

20 or so years later, my Dad called me up in the midst of a clear out and mentioned that he had uncovered my old rifles, and asked me what I wanted to do with them. I picked them up and my interest was rekindled.

Since then, the 335 has been rebuilt, the 77K has been V-Mached and I have purchased a TX200HC in .177 that has also been V-Mached. The 335 is a little low on power, running around 8.5 ft/lb, but both the 77K and the TX are around 11.5 ft/lb. The TX in particular I find is a super accurate rifle.

From the mid 80's to the mid 2000's, I had completely missed the growth and developmewnt of the whole PCP segment of the market, so I decided to "dip my toe in the water" so to speak, to see what all the fuss was about. I did not want to spend a huge amount of money on my 1st PCP, just in case it did not live up to my expectations, and I decided I wanted to buy new, so after looking around for a while and reading various reviews, I decided to go for a walnut stocked FX Typhoon single shot in .177, which I purchased in January of this year.

I added a 10 shot Logun Solo magazine I got off ebay, and a BSA VC silencer, and off I went. The gun came with a tin of Crosman Premier Ultra magnum pellets, so these were what I started to shoot with initially.

Power and shot to shot consistency were very good when I chrono'd the Typhoon, with it nudging 11.5 ft/lb and a shot to shot spread of around 12 fps max with the Ultra Magnum's. I am limited to a range of about 16 yards in my back garden, so I was pleased to find that from a rested position, I could pretty much one hole consistently.

I was looking forward to trying the Typhoon at a longer range, to see how it compared to the TX in terms of accuracy. The next oppertunity I had of shooting at 30 yards, I took both the Typhoon and the TX along to compare them.

What a disappointment ! I could not get the Typhoon to group smaller than 30mm at 30 yards with the Ultra Magnum's from a rested position, whereas the TX was able to do abouit 15mm groups consistently with AA Field 4.51's. I thought the FX's barrel may need to be shot in a little more, so I persevered with the UM's, but really had no significant improvement in the grouping. Lubing the pellets seemed to make a slight differnece, but still not to the standard of the TX.

I tried the AA Fields in 4.51 that were shooting so well out of the TX in the Typhoon, but pretty much the same results as with the UM's...... about a 30mm grouping at best at 30 yeards. I knew the barrel of the Typhoon was a Lothar Walther choked affair, which I thought would make the gun less sensitive to pellet chioice, so I assumed something else might be causing the accuracy issues.

I checked on the internet and forums and over the course of the next month, pretty much ruled out any issues with pellets clipping the silencer, the barrel band influencing accuracy or the magazine causing accuracy issues. Different scopes were tried, but no difference. Confirmation that the barrel was indeed choked and that the choke was at the muzzle end of the barrel was made. Barrel crown was inspected. Security of the barrel mounting screws was confirmed at the breech end, so my conclusions led me to the accuracy either being down to me as the shooter or the barrel of the Typhoon itself. I know I can shoot a springer pretty well, which was confirmed by my TX groupings at the same time as I was shooting the Typhoon, so the logical conclusion was a barrel issue.

I cleaned and visually inspected the barrel for obvious signs of damage. Nothing. When I cleaned it with a pull through, there was a fair amount of dirt that came through on the patch, but after shooting the gun after cleaning the barrel, there was no apprecialble improvement in accuracy.

So, what could it be ? Either the barrel is a duffer, or it just does not like the UM's or the AA Field 4.51's.

I knew if I rang up the manufacturer with my story to try and get the gun repaired or replaced, the fact I had only tried two different pellets in the gun may be an issue for them, so I started to experiment with other ammo to see if I could get things to improve.

Over the next two months, I spent a small fortune on pellets. My results as follows:

Crosman Premier Heavy - I knew these were a single die version of the UM's, so thought I would give these a go. Slight improvement on the UM's, but not consistent. I would get a really tight group occasionally, and then the next grouping was 30 - 35mm ! I put over 1000 CPH's through the Typhoon but no significant improvement. As with the UM's, lube seemed to help slightly with accuracy, but not consistent enough for accurate shooting or hunting.

RWS Hobby - Hopeless, even at 15 yards !

AA Field 4.52 - Slightly better than AA Field 4.51, but still not accurate enough and too many fliers

RWS Superfield 4.51 - Similar result to AA Field 4.51...... 25-30mm group at 30 yards

RWS Superfield 4.52 - Slightly better than 4.51's, but still not good enough and too many fliers

RWS Super H Point - Good at 15 yards but 30mm @ 30 yards

RWS Superdome - Good at 15 yards but 30mm @ 30 yards

Eley Wasp - Good at 15 yards but 30mm @ 30 yards

JSB Exact 4.52 - Similar grouping to AA Field 4.52 but different POI

So, after spending over £100 on pellets, I was still getting groups from a modern PCP that were no better than I could get over 30 years ago with my aged BSA Mercury ! As you can imagine, I was getting pretty disilusioned with the Typhoon and was on the verge of sending it back.

I wanted to give the gun one last chance, as I really like the way it handles and feels, to be honest. I scoured the internet once again for pellets that appear to work well in a Typhoon or other FX guns, and came up with a shortlist of 3........ JSB Exacts in 4.53, Bisley Magnums and H&N Baracudas. My dive bottle needed to be refilled by this point, so I took a trip to Blackpool Air Rifles, who seem to be the only guys who fill to 300BAR in Lancashire. If anyone out there knows of any other 300BAR fillers in Lancs please let me know. They did not have Exact 4.53's or Bis Mags in stock, so I came out of the shop with a full air cylinder and a tin of Baracudas in 4.52. I managed to find Exacts in 4.53 on the Intershoot website, so ordered a tin of these as well.

My next opportunity of shooting at 30 yards came 2 days later. I have to say that as I filled the gun and put my target out at 30 yards, I had the feeling of "here we go again".

I put three pellets through the gun and then started to try to make a grouping. It was slightly windy, and to top it all, it started to rain as well !

1st shot low and right, 2nd shot touching the first, 3rd shot, touching the 1st two, 4th and 5th shot through the same hole ! Were my eyes deceiving me ? Could this be a complete fluke ?

I shot 4 more successive 5 shot groups with similar results. Edge to edge the groups measured 12mm, 18mm, 13mm, 15mm and 14mm ! That meant an average centre to centre group of around 9.9mm. No flyers and POI seemed pretty consistent Finally, my faith in the Typhoon and my perseverance had been rewarded !

I repeated the exercise for a second time with similar results, so, it looks like I have found a pellet that the Typhoon likes, after 3 months of pain. I will test it with the Exact 4.53's when they arrive, to see if the slightly larger head size helps, but as it stands, I am sticking to Baracudas ! i think I will also try Baracuda Hunters, as these appear to be a similar pellet to Baracudas, but with a slightly lighter weight (still heavy mind), with excellent accuracy and improved stopping power.

Only abot 60 Baracudas have gone through the Typhoons barrel so far, so I am hpoing as the barrel becomes more accustomed to the pellet, groupings should iimprove further.

The reason I posted this story though is to demonstrate how fussy even a rifle with a choked barrel can be. I have never had such a torrid time with a gun before. My Mercury was good straight out of the box with the 1st pellet I tried.... Pylarms. My TX shoots the best with trhe 1st pellet I tried in that..... AA Field 4.51's. My 77K shoots great with the H&NFTT, again the first pellet I tried with it. Perhaps I was just really lucky with my other guns and the pellets they like. Maybe my Typhoon is ultra fussy when it comes to pellets. I guess the moral of the story though is that perseverance often pays off, and I hope that my experience will allow others out there struggling with accuracy to find a pellet that suits their rifle in a shorter time than the 3 months it took me !

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Re: FX Typhoon .177 accuracy

Postby Solo1 on Fri Apr 01, 2011 2:03 am

What a brilliant, well written and informative post!

I have the Logun Solo in .22 because, try as I might, I could not get hold of a .177 version when I bought my one. My experience has been the complete opposite to yours.

The first pellets I bought with the gun were H & N Field Target Trophy, which never gave good results at all. Next, I purchased a tin of 5.52 AA Field and at 30 yards the Solo was putting, literally, pellet on top of pellet. From a 200 bar fill I got 100 good shots with an extreme spread of just 8 fps. Now, three and a half years later, it will still shoot 10mm CTC groups all day long.

I hunt, pure and simple, so I need a good pellet to ensure a clean kill. The AA Field lives up to and even surpasses all expectations in my particular rifle.
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Re: FX Typhoon .177 accuracy

Postby PolarWolf on Fri Apr 01, 2011 3:07 pm

My Typhoon in .177 isn't quite up to standards either, so I'll try baracudas as well. I generally shoot JSB Exact 4.52, but maybe it's not the preferred pellet for this gun afterall...
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Re: FX Typhoon .177 accuracy

Postby jonleeb on Sun Apr 03, 2011 9:27 pm

Hello again,

This is an update to my original post about the accuracy issues I had been having with my Typhoon.

I got the chance yesterday to test out my Typhoon again at distances of 30 and 40 yards.

After my apparent success with H&N Baracuda Match pellets, I felt it was worth investing a little more time and money to see if any other pellets could equal or better the accuracy of the Baracuda's.

As I had tried several types of JSB drivative pellets, as well as several RWS varieties, I felt I should give H&N pellets and their derivatives a go. I already had a tin of JSB Exact 4.53's to try that had arrived, to see whether the slightly larger head diameter made a difference. I had also ordered tins of H&N Baracuda Hunter, H&N Field target Trophy, Weihrauch FT Special and Weihrauch Magnums.

I set things out again at 30 yards to test the new pellets. All shots were off a bipod shot off a table. Weather was good with a very light wind. I filled the gun to 180 Bar for each pellet tested and shot 15 pellets through the gun before I attempted 5 x 5 shot groups for each.

Results as follows:

JSB Exact 4.53's
CTC groups in mm were 13.5, 17.5, 21.5, 13.5, 12.5 - Average 15.7mm. Groups appeared to be better than Exact 4.52's, so worth experimenting a bit more perhaps.

HW FT Special
Groups were all over the place so I did not even bother measuring.

HW Magnums
CTC groups in mm were 22.5,16.5, 16.5, 17.5, 12.5 - Average 17.1mm. Groups appeared to be improving as I shot more through the gun, so worth experimenting a bit more.

Groups were all over the place so I did not even bother measuring

H&N Baracuda Hunter
CTC groups in mm were 10.5, 15.5, 14.5, 21.5, 21.5 - Average 16.7mm. I was pretty disappointed in these to be honest, given the results I had had with Baracuda Match. I expected more of this pellet based on what I had read and heard.

As there apppeared to be no clear winner from the new pellets tested, I decided to pull out my stash of Crosman Premier Heavies to compare these to the Baracuda's, as these had been the best pellet I had tested prior to me discovering the Baracuda's. I shot 4 x 5 shot groups this time at the same 30 yard distance, using the same fill regime as previous, however I went straight for groupings this time rather than firing 15 shots through the gun first.

My results were as follows:

H&N Baracuda Match 4.52
CTC groups in mm were 12.5, 6.5, 5.5, 7.5 - Average 8mm

CTC groups in mm were 12.5, 12.5, 12.5, 11.5 - Average 12.25mm

So, based on my 30 yard testing, the Baracudas were still the best by some margin. What the numbers above dont tell you though, is how different the groups looked through the scope as they were shot. The Baracuda's appeared so much better than all the other pellets, it was pretty shocking to be honest. Thats not to say some of the other pellets were bad, but the baracudas just appeared to hit where I aimed, simple as that, and i felt that any flyers I observed were down to me rather than the rifle and pellet.

As the Baracuda Match was the clear winner out of all the ammo tested to date, I tried to do my absolute best at 30 yards with this pellet, and after putting 10 pellets through a single ragged hole that measured 7.5mm CTC, on my next attempt I achieved a 5 shot group with a CTC of only 3.5mm !

Now whether this was more luck than judgement I really dont know, but this was the kind of accuracy that was not only meeting my expectation of a £360 airgun, but was way surpassing it.

I then pushed my target out to 40 yards to try some longer range testing with the Baracuda's.

After the same 180 Bar fill and from the same rested position, I shot 2 x 5 shot groups that measured 5.5mm and 14.5mm CTC. I then shot a 10 shot group that measured 12.5mm CTC.

To say i was well pleased with this sort of performance is an understatement, but when you consider this was with unsorted and unlubed pellets straight from the tin, from a rifle that was shooting pretty averagely at best with every other pellet I tried, I find it even more astonishing.

What I really cannot figure out though, is why the gun appears to be so good with Baracuda's, but so relatively poor with all other quality pellets I have tried. I have always been under the impression that a choked barrel is meant to make a rifle less pellet fussy, but this does not appear to be the case with my particular Typhoon. If anyone can enlighten me as to why this may be I would appreciate it.

i think the only further experimentation I will do for now is to order some Baracuda Match in 4.51 and see if there is any difference between the 51's and the 52's. Once I have identified the best out of these two, I will see whether lube makes any difference, but to be honest, I am not sure I can improve much on the current accuracy I am seeing from this particular rifle/pellet combination.

I will keep you posted of my results and look forward to any comments .

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Re: FX Typhoon .177 accuracy

Postby jonleeb on Wed Jul 06, 2011 12:31 pm

Hello all,

Its been a while since I last posted, but the past couple of months I have been testing a new gun.

I called into my local gun shop back in April for a tin of AA Fields for for my .22 HW77K. I browsed through the used gun rack as I always do when in a gun shop, and spotted a 2nd hand AA S410K in .177. I am a left handed shooter, and this particular gun was a true left hander with a beautiful walnut stock and left handed action and in as new condition. 5 minutes of negotiation and £410 plus a tin of AA Fields later, it was mine.

I have to say it is a lovely gun to shoot. What is immediately apparent though, is that it is so much less pellet sensitive then the Typhoon, despite them both having Lothar Walther barrels. As I had loads of different pellets available from my Typhoon testing, I can confirm that it shoots most good quality ammo well, the most accurate being AA Field 4.51's and Daystate Li's. The power curve is much more pronounced than on the Typhoon though, which I guess is a testament to the efficiency of the valving in the FX. I can get 60 or 70 pretty consistent shots out of the Typhoon from a 190 Bar fill, but with the S410K, I have found only filling to about 165 Bar to be the optimum fill pressure as the power curve is much steeper. This allows 30 - 40 consistent shots that group well out to 45 yards. I have settled on AA Field 4.51's with this gun, as the muzzle velocity of theses and the Daystate's were almost identical, despite the Li's being 7.9 grain vs the AA Fields 8.4 grains, so no real advantage to going with the lighter pellet.

Anyhow, yesterday I decided to have another go with the Typhoon, to see what the Daystate Li's were like through it, compared to its preferred diet of Baracuda 4.52's.

At 33 yards, with a slight breeze, they were even more accurate than the Baracuda's ! The 1st 10 pellets through the gun grouped 9.5mm c-t-c, as did my 2nd group of 10 shots. The Baracuda's grouped 9.5 and 10.5mm c-t-c, but the Li grouping just looked that little bit more uniform and symetrical.

I then fined tuned the scope so it was bang on, and proceeded to hit 5 out of 5 bullseyes on my targets. The bullseye measured 5mm e-t-e.

I need to see what the Li's will do out to 45 yards and check to see what sort of power they are generating, but I have a good feeling about these pellets. At 7.9grain, they should fly much flatter than the Baracuda's, so unless something drastic happens, I think the Li's will become my pellet of choice for the Typhoon.

If you are struggling with accuracy out of your .177 Typhoon, I suggest you give Daystate Li's a go.

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Re: FX Typhoon .177 accuracy

Postby Zero4k on Sat Jul 09, 2011 10:49 pm

Very interesting read and lots of detail! I too have found the Li's very accurate in my rifle, very similar to Crosman Premiers for tight group sizes.
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