T-12 Whisper bolt keeps popping out

The entry level PCP from FX with grown-up performance! Together with the 12 or 16 shot variant, the FX T-12 in all types (FX1000 / FX1000-22 / FX1002 / FX1002-22 / FX1012 / FX1012-22 / FX1212 / FX1212-22). Also known as Logun Solo. The Biathlon model is also based on this platform.

T-12 Whisper bolt keeps popping out

Postby Spiloides on Tue Mar 29, 2011 3:20 pm

So there I was last night, been sitting on a bank for an hour, sun going down. That time when you just know all the bunnies are going to start popping out of the brambles. I saw some movement, at exactly that moment a midge starts drilling into the corner of my eye. I very slowly moved my hand to itch it, brushed the bolt with the back of my and and out pops the bolt. So now what to do. Close it down and double load the chamber, useless. I have to pull the bolt right back, remove the magazine and close the bolt again. Five minutes later after balancing the mag on my knee, I bag a bunny, then I have to reload the magazine for the next shot. What a pain in the arse. Not the first time this has happened - brushing past some vegetation etc.

Does anyone have any suggestions for how to fix the stock/bolt so it engages and stays closed? I have been experimenting with some elastic tied to the trigger guard. Must be a better suggestion somewhere?
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