T-12 performing GREAT!

The entry level PCP from FX with grown-up performance! Together with the 12 or 16 shot variant, the FX T-12 in all types (FX1000 / FX1000-22 / FX1002 / FX1002-22 / FX1012 / FX1012-22 / FX1212 / FX1212-22). Also known as Logun Solo. The Biathlon model is also based on this platform.

T-12 performing GREAT!

Postby Guipago on Sun Dec 12, 2010 7:20 am

The deal 1x T-12 in .22 cal, 1 mag, Rohm 3-9x40 scope, airgun mounts, 1 tin of barracuda pellets & a plastic case for $1399.00 Aus. For doing the deal either a 3 stage FX pump or FX scuba fitting for another $100.00 Aus. I also got a Muzzle Flip I think $69.00 Aus Everything looked good, FX gun manual was a photo copy stapled together (tight barstards) pump manual was a nice booklet, mag loaded fine (operator error caused some problems though) NOW lets pump this sucker up! 1st 50 pumps= 100bar (beer break) 2nd 50 pumps=160 bar (more beer, 1x heart attack, now I know why I was leary about PCP guns & liters of sweat) after another 40 pumps=220 bar Magic number! Targets up, & THWACK,a bit of sighting in & more Thwacks later & we have 1 happy camper, the trigger is excellent, breaks at about 200 grams or 8 oz, pellets that perform at minute of myna head were JSB jumbo & heavy, RWS field line, Gamo Pro Magnum, Gamo Rockets & Prometheus Paragon Z2 all at 15 m. am very pleased with this beastie & the local Myna birds have sadly had some fatalities. :twisted: The Muzzle Flip certainly works as well, NO muzzle movement at all. Geoff
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