my fx t12 wisper shoots like a shotgun

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Re: my fx t12 wisper shoots like a shotgun

Postby Spiloides on Mon May 16, 2011 2:02 pm

Thought I better 'fess up' over my lack of accuracy with the Whisper. I think it was a bit like golf.....when you havn't picked up a club for ages, it's easy to hit the ball well, and then the old habits start to slip in. When I got my Whisper, it was new and I immediately found that it was incredibly accurate, and then my shooting seemed to deteriorate, with wild shots that missed the target by quite a distance. Eventually, I sent it back to get it checked and it came back with a clean bill of health. So, I figured it must be me. I went through all the things I could be doing wrong. Ended up realising that because the stock is short and I am pretty large, I was bringing my head into position with a lack of consistency. I started puling my eye back from the 'scope until the black edges started to close in, then made sure that what I could see of the crosswires was right in the centre of the bright circle, before bringing my eye back in keeping the crosswires dead centre until I had a full sight picture again. What do you know, consistency back again. Bit of a pallava though. The stock is a good 5cm too short for my forearm. So I inserted a 3cm spacer between the butt pad and the stock and bought some 'scope arrestor blocks to raise the 'scope height and some of those angled 'scope mounts that allow the 'scope to be mounted slightly more forward of the rails (helped to give more clearance to the mag too). Result, a much more comfortable and consistent head position and much greater consistency with all the pellets I have tried so far. Problem over. Me all along! :lol:
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