FX 2000 ID

The model which started it all. Also known as Webley FX2000 and RWS Exalibre. FX Tarantula and FX Timber Wolf seem to be similar rifles, as is the FX Rapier.

FX 2000 ID

Postby Besageezer on Sat Aug 27, 2016 8:48 am

I have what appears to be a 177 FX 2000 recently purchased as a Webley Axsor as that is what it says on the action side plate.
I have a Logun Axsor and its quite different in the position of the cocking bolt so this leads to some confusion as it is obviously not a standard Axsor, however, the bolt housing is pretty much the same as the Axsor and for that matter the FX Cyclone that I also have.
My 2000/Axsor has no pressure gauge, the stock is walnut and the fore end is plain without a 'tulip'. I make the assumption that it must be an early model and the gauge is a later mod. The serial number is 001298.
Anyone have any idea as to an exact identification ?
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