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The Luxury Travel Agency stands out from the crowd by flawlessly delivering impeccable destinations, itineraries, accommodations, and everything in between. Our exceptional team of Luxury Travel Advisors excels in understanding your requirements, providing precise recommendations, and crafting the perfect travel plan. They possess the expertise to elevate any experience to enchanting heights.

We understand that every dream destination should consistently deliver luxurious comfort and peace of mind, no matter where your imagination takes you.

Even as we move past the challenges posed by COVID-19, working with one of our Travel Advisors continues to provide unparalleled value. We recognize your longing for a getaway and our team is dedicated to helping you find the experience you yearn for, surpassing the limitations that may still linger from the pandemic.


Whether you’re seeking off-the-grid adventure in the Rockies, dreaming of watching the sunrise in the silence of the world’s largest Buddhist temple, or simply craving a delicious beach retreat, we’ll help you create memories to last a lifetime.

  • Beach Escapes
  • African Safaris
  • Wine Tasting in Tuscany
  • Heli-skiing in the Rocky Mountains
  • Christmas in New York
  • Cooking classes in Paris
  • Helicopter tours
  • Private jets, villas and islands
  • Shopping in Beverly Hills
  • And so much more

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Creating memories that become legacies

Travel, at it’s best, is an immersive authentic experience that connects travellers to history, to nature, to adventure and to each other. Whether you’re celebrating a milestone anniversary, connecting as father and son while exploring the edge of the world in Patagonia, or experiencing Christmas in a fairytale wintry castle, we create a trip that builds these important connections.

  • Weddings
  • Honeymoons
  • Major Milestones
  • Multi-Generation Family Reunions
  • Adventures with Friends
  • Spiritual Solo Quests

Safety in Uncertain Times

More than ever before, travelers seek expert guidance to enhance their journeys. Dr. Nabeel Alateeqi, the founder of The Luxury Travel Agency, brings a unique background as a former medical doctor to our team. With his deep understanding of traveler needs, Dr. Alateeqi knows the right questions to ask our partners to ensure an exceptional experience.

Our commitment extends beyond just luxury. We ensure our partners offer the highest standards of service, personalized experiences, and attention to detail. Whether it’s managing seamless cancellations, facilitating trip extensions, or providing up-to-date travel advisory information for your chosen destinations, we are here to ensure your travel plans are executed flawlessly.

Let us transform your travel dreams into reality, as we curate extraordinary experiences that go beyond expectations.

Thank you for making our honeymoon an unforgettable one during the Covid pandemic.

Farah Al Tukhaim


Every trip I’ve booked has proven to be a wonderful time. All details professionally considered. I always know I’ll be well taken care of. TLTA is the best in the industry that I’ve come across.


Ontario, Canada

VIP service and amenities when booked with The Luxury Travel Agency are fantastic; they even remembered my wife’s birthday – what a wonderful surprise – champagne and cake! Thank you!


Hong Kong

Explore the hidden gems of the world

Become Enchanted

A Lost Empire Awaits

The legendary temples of Angkor once stood watch over the largest city in the world. The kingdom is gone, but their stories remain. The Luxury Travel Agency will bring this empire to life for you, with private access to the sprawling Archaeological Park and guides who have lived their entire lives in view of the sublime Angkor Wat. Listen closely for the echoes of a majestic past.

California’s Glory Drive

The Pacific Coast Highway is a glittering jewel among the world’s great drives. Every facet of California’s rugged beauty unfurls before you as you hug the winding coast, mountains on one side and the endless Pacific on the other. The Luxury Travel Agency knows the best properties at every stop along the way, and whether it’s a Hummer or a Harley, we’ll outfit you with everything you need to make the trip in style.

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