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Our Story

The Luxury Travel Agency was founded in 2013 as the passion project of world travellers Dr. Nabeel Alateeqi and Andrew Satkowiak who desired to share their knowledge and experience in the realm of luxury travel with others.

In a world that remains somewhat uncertain, orchestrating travel arrangements has become increasingly intricate. What you require at this juncture are travel experts who can alleviate the complexities of planning and rekindle the pleasure in your journey

Our goal is to elevate your travel experience by safely introducing you to stunningly beautiful hidden gems around the globe. We’ve traveled to over 90 countries, stayed in hundreds of the world’s best hotels and resorts, and enjoyed the kind of experiences found on bucket lists everywhere.

We work with couples, families, small groups, solo travelers and business travelers.

Far from mere booking agents, we understand your wants and needs, and can write you the perfect travel prescription—right down to the last precise detail. No matter where you’re located, whether your journey is for business or pleasure, two days or two months, by car, plane, private jet, yacht or train, let us design once-in-a-lifetime journeys so you can appreciate luxury in all its forms.

Dr. Nabeel Alateeqi



Andrew Satkowiak

Executive Vice President

“I think travel when I’m awake and dream travel when I’m asleep.

Dr. Nabeel Alateeqi

Meet Our Founders

Dr. Nabeel Alateeqi


Introduced to luxury travel as an infant, Nabeel lives and breathes travel. Having toured more than 90 countries, the Kuwait-born physician has always favoured the high-end travel lifestyle and is fluent in the language of preferential treatment. An accomplished doctor and specialist, Nabeel studied in Canada’s top schools. This training brings an attention to detail and a desire to ensure clients’ experiences are effectively delivered whether embarking on an African safari or a business trip to NYC.

Andrew Satkowiak

Executive Vice President

Andrew can take carefully precise planning and elevate it to an emotional level – leaving clients speechless atop a mountain peak at sunset, gourmet picnicking in Central Park, or simply enjoying an early check in, mimosa and fresh blueberry muffin after a long overnight flight. Having developed a keen eye for detail, he curates travel in a completely different way, understanding that seemingly small modifications can make a world of difference for guests. Andrew’s vetted knowledge shines through in the experiences he offers to clients.

Safety in Uncertain Times

We hold your safety and well-being in the utmost regard. How can we guarantee the safety of travel in today’s world? Leveraging our team’s wealth of travel experience, our trusted network of partners, and meticulous attention to details, we are well-equipped to ask the right questions that ensure your safety requirements are addressed. Our global network of trusted tourism partners offers the assurance of adhering to the safety protocols that we scrutinize when facilitating client bookings.


“We’re not just building itineraries for our clients, we’re creating memories that become legacies.

Andrew Satkowiak

TLTA is a super agent. Every trip I’ve booked has proven to be a wonderful time. All details professionally considered. I always know I’ll be well taken care of. Best in the industry that I’ve come across.

Sarah Harris


Having The Luxury Travel Agency available at any given time gave us the reassurance to travel without worries.

Hien P.


The trip was an amazing one—from the hotels to the cruise, the service in this trip was top class in every way you can ask for. The upgrades to our original booking and VIP welcome packages, plus keeping in touch throughout the trip made sure that every thing was perfect. TLTA will be my first choice in any trip from now. Thank you for this amazing trip.

Omar Alnisf


The VIP service and amenities when booked with TLTA were fantastic. They even remembered my wife’s birthday – what a wonderful surprise: champagne and cake. Thank you!


Hong Kong

Explore the hidden gems of the world

Become Enchanted

Ninety Siena Seconds

Twice a year, the world’s greatest horse race is run over three laps of a Tuscan piazza. The Palio di Siena is a medieval explosion of sound and fury, triumph and despair, and one of the greatest celebrations anywhere. The Luxury Travel Agency can not only get you there, but pair you with a private guide who has grown up hearing the thunder of the horses hooves, sharing with you the stories that bring this spectacle to life.

Up, Up, & Away

Stupendous multicoloured orbs hanging above an alien landscape; not a dream, but a destination. In Turkey’s Cappadocia, hundreds of hot air balloons take to the skies each morning, providing a vista that must be seen (or better yet, flown through) to be believed. The Luxury Travel Agency can manage every element of your visit – and make your dream come true.

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